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"It’s almost like a wedding planner… You come and it’s an amazing experience!" - Nicole Burrill, Yoga Instructor from Boston, USA

Travel and Expand

As a yoga teacher, leading a yoga retreat is one of the best ways to expand your business...

But organizing a yoga retreat and having it hosted overseas is difficult.

Especially if you've never done it - or aren't familiar with the country and culture.

Between figuring out accommodation, transportation, meals, and itineraries - it's enough to drive even a yogi crazy!

So how can you lead and teach a yoga retreat in Thailand filled with shanti instead of stress? ...That's where we come in.

Thailand Yoga Holidays specializes in helping you plan and lead a yoga retreat in Thailand, so you can travel and make money. What's great is we handle all the annoying hosting details so you don't have to - allowing you to focus on your students, instead of logistics.

Thailand Yoga Holidays has over 7 years of experience leading and hosting unique yoga retreats in Thailand and we are continually expanding to new and exciting destinations!

Simply browse through our hand-picked selection of retreat hosting destinations, and then get in touch. Let's turn your Dream Thailand Yoga Retreat into a reality!

Host and teach your Thailand yoga retreat - effortlessly
Lead your Thailand yoga retreat - effortlessly
Focus on your yoga retreat students instead of the hosting logistics
Focus on your yoga students instead of retreat hosting logistics
Enjoy the enchantment of Thai culture on your yoga retreat
Enjoy the enchantment of Thai culture on your yoga retreat


I felt like I was spoilt on this trip, like I didn’t have to do anything, or think up on anything, or worry about how anything was happening. Everything wasn’t just taken care of but it was being taken care of beyond expectation.

Yoga Instructor from Canada

Yoga Retreats With More Fun & Culture

Thailand Yoga Holidays was born out of the notion that yoga retreats should be more fun, culturally integrated and accessible to everyone. With that in mind, the retreats we host in Thailand focus on deepening your yoga practice while still experiencing the magic of the Land of Smiles.

After all, flying to Thailand simply to shack up in a ‘retreat center’ doesn’t do justice to a country with so much to offer.

We take great care to help create an itinerary with utmost attention to detail so that your yoga retreat students enjoy their time engaging with the best of what Thailand has to offer, both during their yoga sessions and outside of them. As always, our aim is to let you focus on teaching, while we try to exceed your expectations with hosting and all the rest!

thailand-yoga-holidays yoga retreat hosting
Shack up, by all means, but also enjoy all of what Thailand has to offer while leading your yoga retreat.

We pride ourselves in crafting unforgettable experiences for your yoga retreat students in Thailand, which is why each destination is accompanied with unique cultural experiences ranging from temple ceremonies and waterfalls to cooking classes and spa days.

All our destinations within the country have been carefully selected with the utmost attention to detail and provide breathtaking environments, nourishing cuisine, idyllic yoga spaces, a good night's sleep, and a friendly, professional team who look forward to serving you on your retreat.

Regardless of where you go, rest assured that each experience on your yoga retreat has been tried and tested by the founder, Christophe Cappon, resulting in a genuine, meticulously sequenced experience which is sure to blow you away.

Begin by browsing our yoga retreat hosting destinations in Thailand to select the perfect venues for your trip. 

Thailand Yoga holidays yoga retreat hosting experiences
Participate in unforgettable experiences throughout your yoga retreat in Thailand
Thailand Yoga Holidays yoga retreat hosting - festival activities
Take part in the Thai holiday festivities coinciding with your yoga retreat!
Thailand Yoga Holidays retreat hosting - sauna location
Discover unique cultural experiences outside of the yoga sessions

What's Included In Your Yoga Retreat Hosting

Marketing Support

Help with marketing including flyer design, social media & blog posts, and our own promotion and custom yoga retreat event page on our website.

Retreat Planning

Guide you in discovering Thailand’s most amazing centers, curating bespoke cultural experiences, and crafting a unique itinerary for hosting your yoga retreat.

Team Access

Access to a team of trusted exceptional masseuses, chefs, doctors, drivers and more in and around Thailand’s most amazing centers

Online Support

Management and support with yoga retreat student registrations and payment online, including deposits, waivers, and collecting feedback forms post-retreat.

On-Site Logistics

Arranging all ground transportation within Thailand, lodging, activities, meal, yoga mats, props, including yoga retreat venue bookings and deposits.

Ground Support

Support during your yoga retreat so that all your needs are met, such as photography and video of your retreat. Make the most of your time and energy!


The moment that I contacted Christophe, I just felt that it was right. He created a space that really allowed me to trust where it was going….It exceeded my expectations! Every aspect, every surprise or thing that was already set was mind-blowing.

Evelyn Stavrinidis,
Yoga Teacher & Shiatsu Practitioner from Melbourne

How Can I Get Started With My Thailand Retreat?

Thailand yoga holidays - the best retreat hosting locations

Peruse through examples of our Thailand yoga retreat destinations where you might find just what you are looking for. When you are ready, contact us so we can clear up any retreat hosting questions you might still have and get down to planning out your own successful Thailand Yoga Retreat.

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Yoga Retreat Feedback


I was just trying to find the right retreat and this one just seemed perfect because it had a little bit of everything. And if you’re going to go on an adventure, you try to get as much as you can out of it - and this has all of that!

Guest on yoga retreat

From the Founder

Founder's Intro

Hi, I'm Christophe Cappon. I founded Thailand Yoga Holidays because I believe that yoga retreats should be more fun, culturally integrated, and accessible to everyone!

I am passionate about yoga, travel, gastronomy, nature... and I've lived in Thailand for over 10 years. Knowing a local makes all the difference when visiting a foreign country, especially one that looks forward to sharing the wonders of their region with you!

Simply get in touch with me and let's start to make your retreat a reality today!

Christophe Cappon,
Thailand Yoga Holidays

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