Having your Thailand yoga retreat hosted with us could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.


The following FAQs covers the most common questions we get about hosting a yoga retreat

with Thailand Yoga Holidays.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Thailand Yoga Holidays responsible for?

We’ll take care of everything both prior to and during your retreat. This includes: • Global Retreat Management : From sourcing venues and local guides to restaurant reservations and hauling yoga gear - we handle it all. • Bookings and Payments : We process registrations, waivers, payments and all that stuff through our secure, online platform. • Multi-Media Marketing Support : We create eye catching posters, personalized photo packages, content rich articles and professional videos to help you connect with your students. • Communications and Logistics : From airport transfers to food allergies, we’ll be in touch with your students to help them prepare for the journey. • Trusted Network : From the moment you land, we’ll be there - with a robust network of professionals equipped to handle any situation and offer you a truly VIP experience.

What am I, the teacher, responsible for?

We’ll take care of all the planning and leave you to what you do best – teach! You’ll be responsible for: • Encouraging your students to sign up • Organizing your transportation to Thailand - we cover your flight! • Teaching your classes during the retreat • Having fun!

Do I have to pay for my flight?

We’ll cover your flight expenses up to 50,000THB (approx 1,400$USD) with proof of a receipt.

Do I have to pay for my room & board during the retreat?

As a teacher, your room & board is always covered.

How much money will I make?

Your profit depends on the number of students you bring. All you need is 8 students to get going.

How far in advance do I need to start planning a retreat and how long does it take to organize?

Though we can usually work with a tight turnaround time, the sooner we confirm your retreat, the better. This allows guests plenty of time to sign up, book cheaper airfare and for all reservations to be finalized.

As a teacher, how will I find students?

As the teacher, you are responsible for finding and bringing your own participants, however Thailand Yoga Holidays will create eye catching posters, personalized photo packages, content rich articles and professional videos to help you connect with your students.

Is there a limit to how large a group I can bring on a retreat?

As a general rule, our trips require a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 16 students.

How do students register and pay for the retreat?

We’ll create your very own retreat event page. Simply share that link with your students and we’ll handle all registrations, liability waivers and payments, so you don’t have to!

What if students have questions about the trip?

Once your students register for your retreat, we’ll be in touch with 
them to answer any questions, help them prepare for the journey and
 coordinate their airport transfers.

How much does the typical retreats cost per day?

Since all our trips are custom made, the price depends on factors such as location, length, and activities included. By and large, our retreats sell for $350USD per person, per night.

Will we have a guide available throughout the retreat?

From the moment you land till the moment you leave, we’ll be by your side to help manage the group experience.

What happens if something happens and I can’t teach at the retreat?

If for whatever reason you’re unable to make it, we’ll arrange a replacement teacher - so students who have already booked can still experience the holiday. We’ve got your back!

What happens if Thailand Yoga Holidays cancels the retreat?

In the rare event that we have to cancel a retreat we will notify you at the earliest possible moment and give you and your students a full refund.

Can I bring a partner?

Teaching a retreat is hard work, but it should be fun too and shared with the ones you love. Bring your partner for 50% off. This is your opportunity to travel, make money and enjoy a holiday as a couple.

Can I bring a second teacher?

Teaming up with a fellow teacher is a great way of bringing more students in the door. If you’d like to bring a second teacher onboard, let us know.

What kind of yoga equipment do you offer?

We’ve got it covered with top-of-the-line yoga mats, blocks, straps and towels.

Do you offer photography services?

We can help you capture the magic with professional photographers
and compile eye-catching marketing material to help promote your next retreat.

What kind of food do you offer?

In order to expose students to the widest variety of Thai culinary experiences, most of our retreats don’t adhere to a specific diet. That being said, if you prefer to restrict your retreat to a specific meal plan that can also be arranged. Everything is possible!

What type of insurance is needed for my group?

It is essential that each participant purchase their own travel and health insurance prior to registering. More information and instructions are detailed in the waiver forms required of each participant.