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Your retreat is going to be INCREDIBLE...but, unfortunately, it won’t sell itself.  


Selling out a retreat requires a strong pool of dedicated students, an enticing offer, the promise of a journey of a lifetime and strategic marketing. We understand that some teachers may shy away from the marketing part. After all, your passion is sharing yoga, not selling it. 


Don’t worry – we’ll show you how it’s done and help you through each step complete with ready-to-use social media templates and more.


Based on years of experience, this Marketing Action Plan is designed to share our proven tactics and help you make the most of the valuable content in your Media Pack.


How to Use this Marketing Action Plan

As you go through this Marketing Action Plan, you’ll learn:

  • How to organize your marketing to-do list

  • How to plan for your marketing timeline leading up to the retreat

  • What information to share and where (including in-person, on your website, social media and through your email list)

  • Which materials in the Media Pack you can use at what time (anything mentioned below in orange is in your Media Pack!)


Remember, how you market your retreat is up to you, however we just want to give you as many ideas, tools and materials as possible to be successful. 


If you don’t want to follow all our suggestions, that’s completely fine. Think of the recommendations and corresponding Media Pack materials as drag and drop, mix and match marketing that you can use how you see fit.

Click below to download the pdf - and get started marketing your retreat! 

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