Thailand Yoga Retreat - organized pre-planned packages

Yoga Retreat Hosting

We organize, you teach

Planning a retreat can be difficult... We make it easy.

Dream Big
Select the retreat elements you want

Get Organized
We'll nail down dates, destinations and activities, then handle all planning for you - even bookings and marketing materials

Gather Your Students
Register at least 6 students and get them on a plane to Thailand

Don't Stress
Teach your retreat without worrying about logistics, we've got you covered

Earn Perks and Cash
Get paid to travel and teach yoga around the world

How to Lead a Yoga Retreat in Thailand


Services included:

  • Online support : flyer design, registration, deposits, waivers and payments
  • Onsite logistics : transport, lodging, activities, meals, yoga mats and props
  • Opportunity to teach in some of Thailand’s most unique yoga centers and locations
  • Access to a team of trusted exceptional masseuses, chefs, doctors, drivers and more
  • Shared profits : we help you organize a retreat, travel the world and make money

Ready-to-Book Retreats

Choose from one of our ready-to-book programs highlighting the best of Northern Thailand - it's quick and easy! 

Custom Retreats

Create a unique experience by handpicking the destinations and activities you want for your students

"It's really nice to have the opportunity to just focus on teaching and the students while having everything else on the ground taken care of. We were taken to amazing places that I never would have found on my own - Thailand is a great place for a retreat! " - Emily, Yoga Instructor from Canada