Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai
Yoga Holidays in Thailand

Yoga Holidays

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One-of-a-kind retreats open to all

Our Yoga Holidays in Thailand combines a love for travel and yoga by offering you memorable destinations, cultural experiences, cuisines and activities, along with a daily yoga routine suited to your level. With Thailand Yoga Holidays as your personal guide, you will return home rejuvenated, inspired and ready to continue living a full and balanced life.

Wander through temple-lined streets in a 700-year-old city, sample traditional dishes while taking in the scenery, and breathe in fresh mountain air while practicing yoga on a serene lake - Thailand Yoga Holidays provides all this, and more.

What’s included?

  • Exclusive yoga sessions with Christophe tailored to your interests and ability - learn more about Christophe and his teaching here.
  • Stimulating itineraries designed to strike the right balance of fun and fitness, nature and city life, excitement and relaxation
  • Mouthwatering meals, private transportation and boutique lodging
  • Unique insight to Thai culture and local life
  • A FREE 1-hour specialty massage of your choice
  • The flexibility to choose what you want to participate in - this is your holiday!

Ready for a holiday your mind, body and soul will never forget?

“It's an extremely immersive experience for the participant. While on your yoga holiday you'll experience a new style of cuisine, the cultural identity of the country and, of course, yoga!" - Carine, France