Where Yoga and Nature Intertwine

Nature & Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

In a world where we’re essentially all connected 24/7, do you find yourself feeling more…disconnected? Do you have days where you realize you haven’t been outside more than to simply walk to and from your car? Or can’t remember the last time you really saw the stars?

The repercussions of the modern urban life and its increasingly disconnected ways of living are obstacles we all face. The rise of superstores, urban sprawl, technology and an increasingly fast paced lifestyle are factors which, when accumulated, create a place of separation between humanity and Nature preventing us from recognizing our inter-connection to Life.

But there are ways to regularly reconnect both to ourselves and our environment. Whether you’re heading up to the cottage, going camping, riding a bicycle, tending to your garden, lazing the day away in a city park or stepping on your mat, you are reconnecting.

When we remember this connection to ourselves, each other, Nature and the Divine we feel more connected to Life – we sparkle with it and spread it into the lives of those connected to us. This is the highest purpose of practicing yoga.

In all our yoga holidays, we place a huge emphasis on reconnecting with nature. From practicing yoga in open-air studios, to getting our hands dirty at an organic permaculture farm, to drifting to sleep in a floating retreat center deep within a national park, every day is filled with opportunities to get back out in our gorgeous natural surroundings, breathe in the fresh air and simply marvel at the beauty that surrounds us.

Join us.

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