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Upcoming Yoga Retreats in Thailand

Start browsing through our upcoming yoga retreats in Thailand listed below and join a yoga retreat like no other!

Here at Thailand Yoga Holidays, we specialize in combining our love for Travel and Yoga to create unforgettable yoga retreats. Guests can experience the best of what Thailand has to offer, both during the yoga sessions and outside of them. All our retreats offer you memorable destinations, cultural experiences, cuisines and activities, along with daily yoga classes suited to your level. Our yoga teachers are reputable and passionate individuals from around the world, who want you to experience the most out of your retreat. They have chosen to work with us for that very reason, and to make their dream yoga retreat into a reality.

Thailand Yoga Holidays allows yoga teachers to lead their dream yoga retreats with the aid of our unique hosting service for multi-destination, cultural, culinary, and adventure retreats designed down to the smallest detail to provide life-changing experiences. So if you've recently discovered Thailand Yoga Holidays because your yoga teacher is leading a retreat and has decided to host it with us, you'll soon be thanking them. Pairing Thailand Yoga Holidays' hosting expertise with your yoga teacher's passion for teaching yoga ensures that you are going to get the most out of each retreat!

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Upcoming Thailand Yoga Holidays Retreat Adventures

Here are our upcoming yoga retreats in Thailand and remember - we limit each retreat's participants to 16 at most, so book early to avoid disappointment and take advantage of any early-bird discounts!

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Heaven & Earth : Eco Yoga Escape with Abbey Fox

June 30, 2018 - July 7, 2018

Join  Abbey on a unique, life changing yoga retreat Join Abbey on a transformative journey designed to deepen your connection to the source, restore balance and rejuvenate your entire system. Abbey's knowledge of kundalini tantra and reiki healing offer a powerful opportunity to reunite body, heart and spirit. Each session is designed to enhance prana (vital […]

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Northern Thailand with Nicole Burrill & Shira Brenner

October 27, 2018 - November 6, 2018

Release and reconnect with this enchanting retreat Led by Nicole Burrill from Chakra Power Yoga and Shira Brenner this relaxing yoga retreat allows participants to unwind in luxury surrounded by the beauty of northern Thailand. This unique yoga holiday fuses local charm, culture, food and yoga for a one-of-a-kind experience. From the culture-rich town of […]

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Celebrating Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai with Thailand Yoga Holidays

Northern Thailand Lantern Festival Holiday

November 14, 2018 - November 23, 2018

Discover the best of Northern Thailand while Restoring a Wonder of LivingThis unique yoga holiday fuses local charm, culture, food and yoga all culminating in an experience of a lifetime - witnessing Thailand's famous Loi Krathong lantern festival. From the culture-rich town of Chiang Mai dotted with glittering Buddhist temples, to sleepy mountain villages and even […]

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Yoga retreat with Mary Farrell

Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Mary Farrell

3 February 2019 - 13 February 2019

Start 2019 off right with strength and spiritJoin Mary Farrell for a unique yoga holiday exploring Northern Thailand, enjoying daily Jivamukti Yoga sessions, complimentary massages, stays in some of the region's most charming accommodation and more.One of the first Canadians certified in Jivamukti Yoga, Mary has ben teaching in Canada and internationally since 2003. Known for her uplifting, joyful classes, […]

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Nicole Burrill Yoga Retreat in Cambodia and Thailand

Coastal Adventure with Nicole Burrill

17 February 2019 - 24 February 2019

Explore both Cambodia and Thailand in this one-of-a-kind yoga holiday Led by Nicole Burrill from Chakra Power Yoga in Boston, MA, this carefully curated yoga retreat allows participants to unwind in luxury surrounded by the beauty of Southeast Asia. As Nicole's fourth retreat with Thailand Yoga Holidays, this unique yoga escape fuses local charm, culture, […]

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More Reasons To Feel Good On Our Retreats

When you take part in any of these upcoming yoga retreats hosted by Thailand Yoga Holidays, you are sure to return home rejuvenated, transformed and ready to continue living a full and balanced life!

Thailand Yoga Holidays creates holiday yoga retreats that break the traditional norm of a yoga retreat. By combining just the right dose of yoga, action, relaxation, culture, food and more, we encourage participants to fully engage not only with their spiritual side, but with their surroundings as well.

And there's another reason to feel good. By taking part in these yoga retreats hosted with Thailand Yoga Holidays, you are also contributing and making a difference. Thailand Yoga Holidays strives to positively impact the lives of the local communities with our retreats. All our partnerships are rooted in local, sustainable, and environmentally conscious business practices. Watch our video below for more information and see how your participation in our upcoming yoga retreat holidays can also help fund the construction of a local school!

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I just feel so much more myself, so much more grounded. And I don’t want to leave… Go! Don’t even think about it, go! It is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

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