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Thailand's Best Yoga Retreat Destinations

Partake  in Breathtaking environments, Nourishing cuisine, Idyllic yoga spaces...

All our yoga retreat hosting destinations have been carefully selected with the utmost attention to detail and provide breathtaking environments, nourishing cuisine, idyllic yoga spaces, a good night’s sleep and a friendly, professional team who look forward to serving you.

In addition to sourcing great yoga retreat venues, we pride ourselves in crafting unforgettable experiences for your students, which is why each retreat destination is accompanied with unique, cultural experiences ranging from temple ceremonies and cooking classes to secret waterfalls and elephant sanctuaries.

Rest assured that each yoga retreat destination and its programs have been tried and tested by the founder, Christophe Cappon, resulting in an authentic, meticulously sequenced experience which is sure to blow your students away.

Begin by familiarizing yourself our yoga retreat destinations and then, get in touch! We’ll work with you via email and Skype to create a fully customized yoga retreat designed to fit your needs.

Northern Thailand Yoga Retreat Destinations

Thailand Yoga Holidays has been based in Northern Thailand for over ten years, and we love it! Come here to experience local charm, traditional culture, festivals, fantastic food, glittering Buddhist temples and phenomenal landscapes. We recommend visiting these yoga retreat destinations from mid-October to mid-February.



Best time to visit : October 15 to February 15th

Known as the “Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is a welcoming small city destination bustling with history spanning more than 700 years. Here you will enjoy:

  • Yoga in a gorgeous wooden studio
  • Culinary experiences at the best restaurants in town
  • Soaking up the bustling nightlife and markets
  • Stops at a secret garden cafe and picnicking in the park
  • Accommodation in a beautiful four star hotel


Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

This destination’s limestone peaks and vibrant local life make the Mountain Village both a lush nature retreat and enticing town with a distinctly Thai feel. Here you’ll enjoy:

  • Exclusive accommodation in a charming mini resort in private bamboo bungalows
  • Yoga overlooking the resort’s exotic garden
  • Discovering the village’s iconic cave and natural beauty
  • Taking a dip in natural hot springs and a waterfall
  • A silent, meditative walk to a mountain monastery
  • Dining at award-winning Thai and Western restaurants
  • Relaxing in a saltwater swimming pool


Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

Floating within breathtaking natural surroundings, this bamboo platform offers glamping with a unique twist. Here you will enjoy:

  • Yoga on a floating yoga sala overlooking the lake
  • Time for relaxation and a total digital detox
  • Stunning scenery destination showcasing Northern Thailand's natural beauty
  • Specialized massages from expert therapists (not-included)
  • Incredible Western-Thai fusion cuisine from our private chef + a hands-on cooking class
  • Water activities including swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Simple outdoor dorm-style accommodation


Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

This picture-perfect mountain valley, where relaxing activities mix with a vibrant art and music scene, will leave you enchanted by its temples, quiet backstreets and bustling night market. Here you will enjoy:

  • Accommodation at a luxury boutique hotel featuring two saltwater pools, gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, lavish rooms and an excellent wine list
  • Private chartered flight (depending on availability)
  • Daily yoga overlooking the river and lush hills
  • Cycling excursion across rice paddies to a private hot spring
  • Exploring local restaurants, known for their outstanding vegetarian fare, and varied nightlife
  • Excursions to caves, a handicraft workshop, tribal ceremony and cultural show
  • Temple alms ceremony and sermon with monks
  • Coffee workshop and visiting a mountain-top Buddha
  • Spa treatments (not included)
  • Healthy fusion cooking course (optional)


Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

Embrace the elements and go back to the basics at this exclusive nature resort destination nestled amongst rice fields that emphasizes organic farming, whole foods and natural luxury. Here you’ll enjoy:

  • Accommodation in unique earthen villas
  • Daily yoga at your choice of two open-air yoga salas
  • Steam sauna complete with an edible body scrub and fire circle celebration
  • Trip to nearby natural hot springs
  • Lovingly prepared, vegetarian meals featuring organic ingredients straight from the farm
  • Free time to indulge in an in-villa Thai massage, meditate in the floating sensory deprivation tank and relax by the saltwater pool


Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

Take your yoga practice a step further and learn to meditate while immersing yourself in a dedicated center under the expert guidance of the head Buddhist monk. Here you will:

  • Learn traditional, Vipassana Buddhist meditation in a beautiful, natural environment
  • Participate in daily temple life – from working in the organic garden to sweeping the courtyard
  • Accommodation in clean and simple private bungalows
  • Receive instruction from a respected monk experienced with teaching foreigners
  • Enjoy morning walks and quiet contemplation

Royal Estate

Best time to visit : October 15th to February 15th

A private, 900 acre estate teeming with lush forest, organic gardens and breathtaking views. The Royal Resort is an ideal choice for nature lovers looking to experience unique cultural experiences within a sumptuous environment. Here you will enjoy :

  • Accommodation in bamboo rooms overlooking the valley
  • Farm to table organic food
  • Alms ceremony and sermon with monks
  • Trekking through the nature trails
  • Bamboo rafting with a jungle picnic
  • Thai cooking course
  • Traditional Thai dance performance
  • Horse-back riding (optional)
  • Spa treatments (not included)

Southern Thailand Yoga Retreat Destinations

In addition to gorgeous beaches, Southern Thailand is the place to be for lush rainforests, roaring waterfalls, great diving and the best coconuts, ever. Thailand Yoga Holidays particularly recommends these yoga retreat destinations from mid-February to the end of May.



Best time to visit : May - October

Thailand’s island destinations are world famous and once you step into our private beachfront villa, you’ll see why! Live large in a modern, ultra-luxurious villa while still appreciating the region’s local culture and tropical beauty. Here you’ll enjoy:

  • Lavish accommodation with direct beach access
  • Hands-on cooking course with our private chef
  • Poolside yoga sessions overlooking the bay
  • Sailing, snorkeling and a picnic on a picturesque private island
  • Getting your shop on in the island’s charming old town
  • Special temple alms ceremony
  • Nightlife and a ladyboy cabaret show
  • Indulgent spa visit (not included)


Best time to visit : February 15th to May 30th

Retreat to the rainforest while staying in luxurious riverside tents in an exotic, remote destination. Here you’ll enjoy:

  • The ultimate glamping experience - rainforest style!
  • Accommodation in luxury, riverside tents
  • Yoga sessions on a spacious platform overlooking the river
  • A digital detox and off-the-grid experience
  • Jungle boat ride and picnic at a waterfall 
  • Kayaking in the mangroves
  • Visiting a local school and supporting social projects
  • Traditional dance performance
  • Cocktail cruise while observing fireflies 
  • Included Thai and Western cuisine


Best time to visit : February 15th - May 30th

Set amidst towering limestone cliffs, this private estate destination combines enchanting cultural experiences with open-air treehouses.
Here you’ll enjoy:

  • Treehouses and bungalows overlooking the river
  • Spacious yogasala within a private rubber tree forest
  • An over-night lake excursion to experience the beauty and tranquility of Thailand's wildlife reserves
  • Tube / bamboo-raft down the river followed by a jungle picnic
  • Decompressing with a traditional Thai massage
  • An afternoon bathing and feeding elephants
  • Soaking in hot springs for a deeply relaxing experience


Best time to visit : February 15th to May 30th

Discover a paradisiacal peninsula with no cars - just the gentle lapping of the waves in front of your private bungalow. Here you’ll enjoy:

  • Staying at a family-owned boutique resort destination
  • Cute beachfront bungalows on a pristine private beach
  • Yoga sessions on a private 2-story clubhouse overlooking the sea
  • Snorkelling and bbq lunch on a private beach
  • Immersive Thai cooking class
  • Thai and Western fusion cuisine
  • Kayaking to a nearby, deserted island
  • Cycling around our small island
  • Thai massage and spa treatments at the resort
  • Thai boxing with experienced trainers


Best time to visit : February 15th - May 30th

A spectacular estate overlooking 12km of deserted beach. Secluded, gloriously unspoilt and fully immersed in nature - it’s the perfect escape destination. Here you’ll enjoy :

  • Elegant wooden cabins spaciously distributed between lush gardens and a private beachfront
  • Organic, locally sourced Thai fusion cuisine
  • Snorkeling in a marine national park, teeming with underwater life
  • Batik making in cooperation with the local school
  • Wildlife and bird-watching safari
  • Kayaking and paddle-boarding up the mangrove
  • Thai and specialty massage treatments
  • Hiking and picnic on a deserted island
  • Lazing the days away in your hammock


Best time to visit : February 15th to May 30th

This remote, floating jungle hideaway is the perfect destination to escape the modern world and immerse yourself in nature. Here you’ll enjoy :

  • Bamboo bungalows with en-suite bathrooms - each with their private veranda
  • Immersing yourself in a natural rainforest teeming with wild elephants, leopard cats, macaques, gibbons and 300 bird species
  • Swimming and kayaking on pristine, emerald waters
  • Yoga on a spacious deck overlooking the lake
  • Mouth watering Thai cuisine from our private chef
  • Time for relaxation and digital detox
  • Hikes to nearby caves and waterfalls
  • Phenomenal star gazing


Christophe is incredibly professional and well-organized. And he’s like the man that can do anything - I feel like if I asked him for fairy-floss, he would deliver.
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