Transitions, Eternity and Divine Play

Practicing Yoga in Thailand

Clearly, we live in a world which is in constant flux – successively built upon beginnings and endings. However, beyond the certainty of change one thing remains deeply present, eternal even. It is this concept which dwells at the heart of Shiva-Shakti Tantric philosophy: the underlying philosophy behind Anusara Yoga. While Shiva represents the consistent awareness at the essence of all things, Shakti embodies the pulse of its very own creative consciousness.

As yogis we learn play the edge of such polarities as a means towards skillfully aligning with a point of harmony and balance.

Far out? Far from it!

On our mats, we move and flow in the spirit of Shakti. We transition in and out of poses and build sequences in a certain order. Yet throughout the stream of our practice something remains constant, holding it together as one experience.

Like the thread weaving itself through the beads of a necklace it is the seamless awareness of your breath which remains constant, never once leaving you. But alas, how often we forget!

Have many times have you caught yourself leaving a yoga class feeling blissed out but then all too soon plummet back into the habitual patterns of our daily life?

Don’t be too hard on yourself as this is part of the pulse. There will always be times of confusion, contraction and challenge.

The wisdom lies in remembering the constancy at the heart of it all…

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