How to Lead a Yoga Retreat: 7-part Video Series

How to Lead a Yoga Retreat
Welcome to the first part of Thailand Yoga Holidays‘ free video series on how to lead a yoga retreat abroad, where we break down and share with you our tried and true recipe on how to plan a rocking yoga retreat. We want your yoga retreats to successful wherever you choose to lead them, and so we’re going to lay down for you our very own approach and strategy that has helped us organize and lead successful yoga retreats worldwide.

Leading a yoga retreat can no doubt feel daunting and overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve never done it before. But don’t worry, we’ve put together this series, How to Lead a Yoga Retreat, to help you find the clarity and confidence to lead your own yoga retreat, like a pro.

Leading a yoga retreat requires thought and planing. How to Lead a Yoga Retreat breaks it down into 7 key topics for you to work around.

The 7 topics on how to lead a yoga retreat are:

  1. Evaluate your Yoga Retreat Objectives (Tip: You Are Here…see below)
  2. Destination and Timing
  3. Retreat Accommodation
  4. Pricing for Profit
  5. Filling Your Retreat
  6. Retreat Catering
  7. Retreat Logistics.

Let’s start with the first topic, Evaluate your Yoga Retreat Objectives.

How to Lead a Yoga Retreat: Start  Here

Our first video in this series is all about clearly evaluating your objectives for leading a yoga retreat and it is definitely the place to start your yoga retreat planning process. Below are key questions to work with that will help you evaluate and focus on what you want to achieve in leading your yoga retreat.

  1. Why do you want to lead a yoga retreat? Are you in it for the money, a holiday or to deepen your students practice ?
  1. What is your idea of a dream yoga retreat? What do you want to expose your yoga students to? And more importantly, what kind of experience will they benefit from in the retreat?
  1. Do you already have students interested in a yoga retreat?
  1. How will you differentiate your yoga retreat from the countless options already on the market?

Take your time and get some clarity surrounding these questions. Then jot down your answers as they will impact and help feed into, as well as become a reference point, for how you go about planning the rest of your yoga retreat leading process. So start writing!

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As we move forward into the rest of this seven-part video series on how to lead a yoga retreat, our topic next focuses on the retreat Destination and Timing. We’ll be sharing pitfalls to avoid when choosing a destination for your yoga retreat, as well as our top tips on when is best to schedule your yoga retreat.

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