Getting to Know Chiang Dao

Visiting Chiang Dao

Though just an hour drive away from the center of Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao is one of those magical places that provides the perfect getaway though still isn’t known by most tourists.

Here, away from the busy streets of the city, you quickly find yourself falling into a natural rhythm with your surroundings, soaking up the sunlight, relishing the slightly cooler temperatures and marveling at the jungle-covered mountains that surround you.

High in the hills, Chiang Dao is a small northern Thai village that charms all who adventure to stop here for a couple days. With stunning surroundings, vibrant markets and plenty of outdoor activities the area is often one of our guests’ favorite spots. During our stay in Chiang Dao we enjoy daily open-air yoga sessions, discover mysterious jungle caves and mountain monasteries, and recharge staying at one of the most delightful boutique resorts around, complete with award-winning Thai and European restaurants.

Intrigued click here for more pictures of Chiang Dao and watch our video below for a glimpse at what this beautiful place has to offer…

Ready to discover Chiang Dao? You can include this stop in your Private Yoga Holiday or own retreat here in the Land of Smiles!

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